Colourful Kathmandu Mobile Pokies – Know about the poker games 

If you’re into online gambling, you’re in for a special treat as the best pokies games move to your mobile phone and tablet.

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The Kathmandu Mobile Pokies is a burst of colour and life that takes players to the streets of this famous Nepalese city where players find spice containers together with elephants, treasure maps, prayer bells and a temple amongst the symbols. There are five reels and nine paylines to this exciting colourful pokies game.

Instant Access to the Kathmandu Mobile Pokies

As with all of the best pokies app options, the Kathmandu Mobile Pokies may be accessed directly from the app and downloaded in no time at all to the mobile device whether playing on an Android or Apple phone or tablet. As the game is downloading the player may check the gamble apps bonus options that are available. Where possible it is always a good idea to take advantage of the gamble apps bonus payouts that award players additional cash to use at the casinos.

Kathmandu Mobile Pokies Musical Accompaniment

The five reels and nine paylines of the Kathmandu Mobile Pokies are filled with colourful symbols that all relate to the life of the locals. Each spin of the reels is accompanied with lovely music that sets the atmosphere for this Nepalese game and as the excitement rises so do the decibels of the music.

Scatter Bells and Bonus Payouts in Kathmandu Mobile Pokies

In this game the scatter symbol is denoted by the bell that is used to call players to prayer. On its own the scatter bell offers handsome payouts with five of these awarding players 100x the coin bet placed for that spin. Four of the scatter bells award players 25x the coin bet placed, three of the bells award players 3x the coin bet placed and two of the bells award players 1x the coin bet placed.

Kathmandu Mobile Pokies Free Spins

Three or more of the scatter bells also award players 15 free spins. During the free spins two wild symbols are activated, the standard wild of the spice container and an additional wild that is only seen during the free spins; the temple. The free spins may be retriggered.

Wild Wins in Kathmandu Mobile Pokies

Apart from the wild spice container being seen during the free spins it also takes the place of other symbols during the regular play. On its own the wild symbol also offers very generous payouts with five of the symbols in a row awarding 6000 coins, four of the symbols in a row award players 1000 coins and three of the wild symbols award players a 200 coin payout, Even two of the wild spice symbols next to each other award players 12 coins.

Kathmandu Mobile Pokies Optional Gamble Feature

At the end of every winning spin when playing Kathmandu Mobile Pokies players are offered the gamble feature. This is totally optional and the player who chooses the gamble feature is taken to a new screen. Here he is invited to guess either the colour or suit of a downturned card. By guessing correctly the colour, the player may double his winnings for that spin and by guessing the suit of the downturned card; the player may quadruple his winnings. The gamble feature can continue until the player loses or reaches his gamble limit. It must be noted that this is not party of the gambling apps bonus.

Nepal Held In Your Hand Thanks to Kathmandu Mobile Pokies

Playing Kathmandu Mobile Pokies is convenient and easy. The player does not have to go anywhere or do anything special apart from downloading the best pokies app. The then has a glimpse of the colourful life of Nepal in his hands and can enjoy all the different symbols that give him a feel of what it is really like in Kathmandu together with the opportunity to enjoy a great pokies game with many winning chances and bonus options.


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