Dont Slow Play Those Aces

Many online poker players want to slow play strong hands like pocket aces. But often this really is not a good idea. There are some advantages but there also are many disadvantages of playing your strong hands this way. You will find I believe that the disadvantages of slow playing a hand like pocket aces is greater than the advantages that you may find. Slot online games are like those games in which you can never be sure about how much money you can win or lose. So the players should always have a budget set up in their mind before starting the game. These games are full of risk and it is very important to always think and plan about how are you going to win big. Many players never plan about how much money to invest in the games. 

The first advantage is that you will be able to disguise that cards that you are holding from other players at the table. If you often call rather than raising when you are stilling at a strong position at the table you may find that only call with your pocket rockets can be a good move. By raising you will alarm other players to your strong hand and most likely not get good value out of it.

You could see this kind of slow play as keeping your opponents off balance. You rarely what to be predictable when you are playing the game of poker, this is important for any poker player if that are going to win money over the long run.

Lastly, you will get more value for your hand if it holds up. If you re-raise you will often force other players out of the pot and they will not keep betting with their weaker hand.

There are a number of disadvantages to slow playing aces as well. First, if you are playing against a player that will can your re-raise than there really is no point to slow playing anyways. Also, you allow more players to stay in the hand which increase that chance that someone will hit their straight, flush, or trips.

The most important disadvantage of slow playing a hand like pocket aces, I believe is that you have no idea where your hand stands. In the game of poker you want to be in control of the hand and have more information that your opponent does. Of course by slow playing you are holding back information from your opponent, but with this kind of hand that can be broken you need as much information as possible.

There are times when slow playing a strong hand like pocket aces can be good. For example heads up in a tournament with against an aggressive player can be a good time to use this method. There are many players that try to slow play all the time, which is not the best way to play this hand. The majority of the time you want to be aggressive with your pocket aces rather than passive.


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